Letters to the Editor

Trump One was the darling of the Hollywood crowd. He was loved by gays. He appeared on many late-night TV shows and was a guest on Oprah several times. Oprah asked if he would ever run for president. Trump One said he most likely would not and she expressed her disappointment.

The old tax-cheat the Rev. Al Sharpton bragged that he and Trump One were big buddies. The Democrats sucked up to Trump One for donations. Trump One was an honored guest at Chelsea Clinton’s million-dollar wedding. Then Trump One not only had the gall to run for president as a Republican but the audacity to beat Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats believed the only thing left for Hillary to be president was the swearing in. Hillary was certain to continue the Marxist/socialist agenda of Obama.

All of a sudden Trump Two became a racist, a woman molester and homophobic. Trump Two was now hated by same Hollywood crowd that had loved him so much. The same gays that loved Trump One now hated Trump Two. All of a sudden Trump Two became a racist who hated brown and black people and was no longer buddies with Sharpton.

The dishonesty and hypocrisy of the folks on the left is not surprising to the folks that understand them. They will do anything to achieve their goals. The end justifies the means. Trump Two stands in the way of them achieving their Marxist, socialist and communist goals so Trump Two and anyone that supports him is despised by the Left and most of its supporters.

Charles Cushman