Letters to the Editor


Oh, that young lad!

If I could once more hear him call me “Dad.”

He gave up everything he had.

Oh, how I miss my son –

My son who rests in Arlington.

He loved life, played games, had fun

His life adventure had only just begun.

All his plans now totally undone

For now he rests in Arlington.

Part of the 600 who took down Hussein

Mission accomplished, their goal to attain.

Ordered to another front to execute an action plan,

My only son gave his life in Afghanistan.

A white cross bears his name

Attesting to what he became

A soldier, a veteran – task well done, my son!

Now he rests in Arlington.

A marker, a flag, a Christmas wreath

Mark the place where he rests beneath

In the silent company of his comrades

Sadly missed by so many moms and dads.

They who once stood brave and tall

Today we sadly mourn for them all

Those in countless cemeteries embraced by the setting sun

And for all those who rest in Arlington.

Wreaths mark the graves of all who served,

So loved, cherished and remembered.

In loving memory of an Aiken Soldier SFC Anthony Venetz, Jr.

US Army Memorial Day 2019

10-28-1980 / 01-26-2011

(In honoring one veteran,we honor them all.)

Joan Lacombe

Aiken's poet laureate