Letters to the Editor

The issue of deer management in Woodside, or in any other location, is not a political issue, nor an issue of us vs. them. We have resided in Woodside for 16 years. For 15 years we experienced some landscape damage, and some unfortunate residents experienced vehicular damage. One unfortunate resident experienced a deer literally running through their house – in one window and out another.

Last summer there was a literal explosion of deer damage. The deer are not feeding "at times,” and there are not “a few” accidents. There are too many deer in too small an area, with no natural predators.

Should we import a supply of coyotes, wolves and foxes? Deer have natural territories; some areas of Woodside do not experience deer damage. The areas that do, however, can see an entire landscape disappear overnight.

Deer along the roadways are regular; is it necessary for a serious injury and resulting lawsuit to happen before proper action is taken? The State of South Carolina has a deer culling program; it is called deer hunting season. Proper procedures as required by the SCDNR have been undertaken; it is time for the council to act responsibly before someone is seriously injured or killed. Knowing that a problem exists and failing to act is an invitation for a lawsuit.

Mary Jones