In the coming election for Aiken City Council there is one candidate who stands out as the obvious choice for your vote. Kent Cubbage. In his years in Aiken, Kent has not only done an outstanding job as an environmental consultant, and as the head of the Biology Department at Aiken Technical College, but he has deeply involved himself in the history and inner workings of the community. That he dearly loves Aiken and understands its unique qualities becomes clear the minute you speak to him. Kent doesn't just talk about this beautiful city, he lives it. He knows the history better than some of us who've been here all our lives, and he gives it back to us with his delightful Ghost Tours, his efforts for the many organizations he has worked with and the enthusiastic way in which he imparts his knowledge about how to solve some of our pressing problems. His experience as both a businessman and head of an academic department give him a unique insight into how best to make our tax dollars work for us, and he's committed to doing that. Most people running for office have an agenda. Kent has only a desire and a deep commitment to preserve Aiken's unequalled history and beauty, find solutions to traffic problems that plague our growing community, promote sound fiscal policies and use his many talents to work with others to further that desire. He is unquestionably the right man for Aiken's City Council! Molly C. Gray Aiken