America, the world is watching. I recently returned home after a two-week visit to South America. Trayvon Martin’s case was widely publicized in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Our guides asked us the one question that could not be answered: What did Trayvon do to cause Zimmerman to follow him in the first place?

All this speculation about Trayvon’s size (supposedly he was this strapping, menacing black teenager); his character, his school record or even his alleged pot smoking does not answer that fundamental question. Had Zimmerman merely stayed in his car, reported his concerns and moved on, this teenager would be alive – period. Neighborhood watch means just that, you watch.

How stupid must folks be to even consider the fact that if Zimmerman had been black and he killed an unarmed white teenager the results would be the same? When will it end? As a senior citizen, I remember the Emmett Till case. Perhaps some of your readers believe that if he did not allegedly whistle at a white woman, he would not have been killed. If only James Chaney had not been a civil rights worker in Mississippi, he would be alive. If Medgar Evers had only stayed in his house and not walked into his driveway, he would have lived. If Yusef Hawkens had not stopped in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to find out about a car sale, his life would have been spared. If Martin Luther King, Jr. had only stayed in his so-called place, he might have lived to see his grandchildren!

The most fundamental of all civil rights was violated the night Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon Martin. What is the most fundamental civil right – the right to life!

Bunni Crawford