Dabo Swinney recruited some new students this week when he came to Aiken County. The Clemson football coach, however, was not looking for new football players for the Tigers; rather he was encouraging students to take their studies seriously, work hard in school and become winners in life. Coach Swinney and assistant coach Brad Scott met with students at Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary/Middle School and spent their time together talking about education, not about football. The first-year head coach told the middle schoolers in an assembly program that it was his education achievement, not his football prowess, that enabled him to rise to his current position. "My education has opened every door," he told the students. This frank message about the importance of education is not what is expected from the coach of a major football power. Coach Swinney has shown himself to be anything other than ordinary during his brief time as head coach. His encouragement of the student in every child is a message that all young people need to hear. Success in life for the vast majority of people is dependent on their educational achievement, not on the promise of athletic stardom. By preaching the importance of working hard and getting the most from the educational process, Coach Swinney is telling students in Aiken County and around the state to think first and foremost about what they are learning in the classroom. Coach Swinney is showing that Clemson made a wise choice in the leader of its football program. He is a coach who believes that he is part of the education system, not merely someone who can draw up plays on a football field. He is to be applauded for being a role model for students in the classroom as well as those on the gridiron.