John Boehner is the highest elected official in the Republican Party and is Speaker of the House and the leader of the party.

I suggest that we should contact our House representative to inform them that we expect the Speaker to uphold the tenets of the GOP by impeaching President Obama for illegal conduct under the U.S. Constitution. Obama’s Dream Act by fiat and the delay of the Obama Care employer mandate are clear public malfeasance in office by non-enforcement of current law.

Comprise, negotiation and bipartisan enactment are rendered meaningless unless the rule of law is enforced. Obama takes no personal responsibility for exposed failures, breakdowns and dysfunction or under-handed acts by the federal government by claiming no prior knowledge or involvement then renders platitudes.

Do you remember any firings or discharges during his administration?

He takes the stage on what he assumes are good political actions even if they are illegal. The GOP needs to act now! The more Obama gets away with the farther he will go.

Senator Graham (of impeach Bill Clinton fame) who now is part of the Gang of Eight, doesn’t see from the above that cutting deals with unreliable people is a fools game? I do, and I will not be voting for him in 2014.

You amused Democrats (all is fair in love, war and politics) and tut-tut Independents, how much will you tolerate or shut your eyes to?

Gil Mullins