Perhaps you were not aware that the first week in February was Tax Fraud Awareness Week. No problem as every week has some kind of designation. But awareness of the issues surrounding tax fraud is particularly important during this unfolding tax season.

Last Tuesday, we rolled out a viewpoint in support pending legislation that would make drivers think twice about ambling along in the passing lane of two-lane highways. It seems lawmakers’ own experiences with these drivers drove them to want to do something about it. If it passes, those dri…

Regarding the movement of equity prices, we associate with the words of Alan “Ace” Greenberg, the head of Bear Stearns during the 1987 market crash: “Stocks fluctuate, next question.” The good news in 2019 is that mostly they fluctuated up, which offers a lesson or two.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to withhold the House articles of impeachment from the Senate, further trivializing a serious constitutional power and process. Senate Republicans seem content to play along while ridiculing her gambit, but they should take their own duties more seriously…

In the classic animated special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” narrator Sam the Snowman, in his spiffy tweed vest and bowler decorated with a twig of holly, welcomed viewers to the North Pole, aka Christmastown.

Research into gun-related violence has not been banned in the United States, but a series of measures has had nearly the same crippling effect when it comes to federal funding for studying one of the nation’s leading causes of death.

November's early blast of winter is forecast by some as the harbinger of colder temperatures ahead. With them will come the annual danger from fires caused by people trying to stay warm.

Opportunity zones, fees in lieu of taxes, historic credits and many other incentives are accessible to investors interested in repurposing underdeveloped areas, but none of them appear to burden taxpayers in quite the same way as the latest economic stimulation fad, the public-private partnership.

The signs are common, mostly in residential neighborhoods where they call attention to speed: "Drive like your children live here." Perhaps it's time for signs on all roads expanding the message: "Drive like you want to keep living here" – meaning drive like you want to stay alive.

Aiken’s leadership once again has cowered to the pressure of a small but vocal group of citizens who have an irrational and obsessive opposition to parking garages. Ironically, many of these same people claim to love trees. It’s true that parking garages aren’t beautiful, but neither are eno…

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