The Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board will hold a special meeting of a subcommittee dealing with waste today. The specific topic at hand is what position the board will adopt on spent nuclear fuel. There are two different position papers that will be considered. One view states that the CAB will not support bringing spent nuclear fuel.

The other position is ‘what’s in it for me?’ Turn back the calendar to the board’s full meeting in May in North Augusta. The subcommittee reporting on waste had a position at that time that it would not support bringing the approximate 70,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel to SRS. What happened next is unbelievable.

Dr. Don Bridges, the head of the board, took charge of the subcommittee report on waste and completely diverted it where, in the end, there was no vote on the resolution that the subcommittee was presenting. He proposed that we keep our options open. Bridges violated all canons of parliamentary rules. And it wasn’t the last time.

Further, as a board member of the pro-nuclear group, Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness, he has no business heading up an advisory board whose mission is to represent the will of the people. It is a stark conflict of interest and in good conscience, he should step down or be removed from the board. To allow him to continue to serve is to effectively rubber stamp approval of an additional 70,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel to find its way to our beautiful community. SRS currently has a big job in front of them: clean-up of the current nuclear waste on its site. Support SRS in that mission and do not allow Aiken to become a dumping ground for any more waste.

Chris Hall