Mr.Woltz may have me confused with someone else. I was born and raised in South Carolina. Amusing that he calls for "all this negativity in politics to stop" - after his two column rant! I appreciate the concept of networking and the value of people working together toward a common goal. I have not really addressed "good ole boys", but since the subject has been broached, the negative connotation of "good ole boys" is appropriate when the common goal also happens to benefit "the boys". Admirably, most public servants in Aiken serve with a sense of duty and simply want to give back to their community. However, it is not always the kindness of their hearts, nor the prizes waiting in heaven which inspire benevolence. Ever notice how the bit dog always howls? The chairman of the Planning Commission and defender of public service holds title to one of Aiken's largest donut holes of county property on Whiskey Road. You bet he has a dog in this fight. And as the Depot is built and that neighborhood is gentrified, watch his large property a few blocks down Park Avenue become more valuable. Coincidence? Let's quit beating around the bush. Mr.Erb labors for many downtown enhancement projects, which also benefit his restaurant and rental properties. Nothing "wrong" with that, but let's get it on the table and talk about it in those terms. In contrast, I can't see how being on City Council might personally benefit Dick Dewar. He is a retiree, as are most of his friends. Dick Dewar was by far the most well prepared, most well-spoken member of the candidates' forum held at USCA. He was unwaveringly polite and gracious. He will attend to city business in the same way. Vote for Dick Dewar on Nov.6. Jenne Stoker Aiken