I want to thank Hobby Lobby for again purchasing a page in the Aiken Standard reproducing quotations from our nation’s founding fathers and more recent patriots that proclaim our foundation in God.

For our president to say we are no longer a Christian nation shows his ignorance of our people. Those who are not Christian simply talk louder. I maintain that the majority of us who are Christian and Jewish are going about our business of loving God and our fellow man, of helping those less fortunate, of serving in the armed forces and as public servants, of writing Christian books and teaching children, of building and attending churches, of passing along our faith to the next generation, of quietly and lovingly living out our faith so God may be glorified.

Of course, we, as individuals and as the church, sin. We sometimes take one step forward and two backward. But we believe that God forgives us and calls us to be faithful.

I pray that in these turbulent times, we will no longer be the silent majority, but will proclaim, lovingly and graciously, but loudly and strongly, that we were founded as a Christian nation and intend to remain so. That is the only way we can return to our strong nation we once were.

Jean A. Kling