In the Oct. 18 edition of the Aiken Standard, there was an article about a group of women showing their support for Hillary Clinton. A week or more ago, there was an AP article showing how the candidates are trying to relate to the voters. In this article, all the candidates were mentioned but one, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. The media continuously fails to mention Dr. Paul. George Stephanopolis nearly tripped over his tongue trying to change the subject when Ron Paul was mentioned on the ABC talk show "This Week with George Stephanopolis". Everyone is ready to rally behind Hillary, Rudy or Obama. But, memories are short. Hillary and Bill made quite a stir with Whitewater. But, you see who didn't go to jail. Do we really want the Clintons back in the White House? Had it not been for Sept. 11, I don't think Rudy would even be a candidate. And there are some questions being raised about the failure to provide up-to-date equipment which could have saved the lives of numerous firefighters. Obama is young and energetic, but does he have what it really takes? Have people become so conditioned to the way government is run, that to support a candidate such as Ron Paul frightens them? Ron Paul has a plan for our country that, if every politician followed it, can turn this country around. The plan is simple, follow the rule of law. The laws the founding fathers of our country penned over 200 years ago. This country needs to be restored as it was intended, a republic. Do the homework on Ron Paul. His congressional record speaks for itself. He is a man of character and morals. He is a true patriot. And now more than ever, we need a true patriot. Ricky James Wagener