Charitable fundraising and holiday spirit go hand in hand on the Women of Woodside's annual Holiday Home Tour, which took place at various homes throughout the gated community Monday afternoon.

"We're hosting our annual holiday home tour," said Women of Woodside President Chris Jakubec. "That consists of four beautifully decorated homes, and then we have a tea and craft boutique featuring crafts made by our members."

The four houses are spaced throughout Woodside, and visitors who buy tickets hop from home to home to see the extensive decorations homeowners pick out for the tour, marveling at gigantic Christmas trees, collectible works of holiday art and stained glass angels. 

One of those homeowners was Meg Farfour, whose home on Pleasant Colony Drive contained decorations in almost every room. 

"They approached me about doing it, and I said yes," Farfour said. "A lot of work went into it ... I liked it very much once it was all done."

Linda Vieweg was admiring Christmas ornaments on a towering tree in the living room of a Summer Squall Lane home.

"I wanted to support the WoW organization because it's our neighborhood," said Vieweg. 

Gena Metz, a new resident of Woodside and new member of Women of Woodside, showed her new home on the tour.

"I had a lot of these ornaments from when I was young," Metz said about her Christmas tree.

The event isn't just a chance for homeowners to show off their holiday cheer. Women of Woodside is a nonprofit that partners with multiple agencies in Aiken, such as Children's Place, and the profits from ticket sales go toward charitable donations.

"This is our biggest fundraiser of the year," Jakubec said. "We take all this money and put it in the bank. Every year in January, we send out funding requests to different charities and civic organizations in Aiken, and they send us requests back. Then we distribute cash donations to the various agencies."

Following the tour, tea was available at Woodside Country Club, where a small craft fair displayed wares handmade by the Women of Woodside. Proceeds from the craft fair also went toward the fundraiser.

According to WoW members, over 300 tickets were sold for the tour.

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Kristina Rackley is a general assignment reporter with the Aiken Standard.