Aiken residents will more than likely wake up to snowflakes falling this morning after a winter storm warning that went into effect at 10 p.m. Saturday. A low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico began moving across the Florida panhandle late Saturday night and early this morning, said Tenia Morrison, National Weather Service meteorologist. "There will be moisture in the system, and that will bring the snow," said Morrison. "It will start falling around sunrise Sunday morning. The temperature overnight will be around freezing. We're looking at one to two inches of accumulation during the daytime. The storm will then move up toward the mid-Atlantic and northeast during the evening." The soil temperature should be fairly mild, so the majority of the accumulation should occur on bridges, overpasses and grass, said Morrison. As the temperature drops this evening, motorists should be cautious when driving and be aware of the potential for black ice. The temperatures should start to warm up significantly by mid-week, with the highs being around 60 on Thursday and in the low-60s on Friday. "As the cold high pressure system moves off coast, there will be a return of a southerly wind flow to the region (accounting for the warmer temperatures)," said Morrison. Contact Ben Baugh at