Samantha Hearn

Samantha Hearn

A Warrenville woman was charged Thursday after allegedly entering a store with a breast exposed. 

Samantha Hearn, 27, of Warrenville was charged with indecent exposure, according to jail records. 

A complainant reported to deputies the suspect entered Harrison Hardware with her breast exposed Thursday morning, according to an Aiken County Sheriff's Office incident report. 

The complainant reportedly gave the suspect a shirt to wear. 

The suspect went into the business' restroom and remained there for 30 minutes, according to the report. However, the suspect returned and her breast was still exposed. 

The complainant then helped the suspect put on the shirt. 

The suspect then allegedly began accusing customers of shoplifting and using profane language toward them, the report states. 

Responding deputies spoke with the suspect who could not state her current location and said she was worried about "radio waves" in the area, the report states. 

Hearn was charged and taken to the Aiken County detention center where she was being held as of Friday afternoon. 

Matthew Enfinger is the crime and courts reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter: @matt_enfinger