USCA's dance marathon raises funds for children

Nearly 200 dancers take the floor to dance through the night raising funds for the Children's Hospital at MCG.

Nearly 200 students gathered on the floor of the USC Aiken Convocation Center transforming the Pacers arena into a continuum of motion. Planned in conjunction with Homecoming week events, the USC Aiken Dance Marathon Committee gathered students together for a 16-hour dance marathon. The second dance marathon was held as a benefit for the Children's Medical Center at MCG. Dancers hit the floor at 6 p.m. last night and kept on moving until 10 a.m. today. "All of the proceeds go to help children. This is to help provide the Children's Medical Center with the equipment and tools they need to treat children," said Jasmine Pinckney, marketing chair of the dance marathon. "The funds you raise through dancing tonight touch many lives whether you know someone directly or not," said a member of the MCG Children's Medical Center nursing staff. "Kids are kids even when they are sick, and they still want to play." Dancers had the opportunity to meet several families who have been patients at the Children's Hospital and hear their stories. The funds raised from the dance marathon are applied to support activities for the children. Many of the patients spend birthdays, Christmas and other holidays in the hospital and through fundraising efforts such as the dance marathon the hospital is able to provide cakes and celebrations to help brighten the children and their family's day. Dancers collected donations for volunteering to stay on their feet for the entire time. Pinckney said the trick to the evening was to keep your feet moving; if you stand still or stop you are at risk of falling over. Throughout the night, there were a variety of different activities including karaoke, ballroom dancing lessons, line dancing, drawing contests and much more.