Aiken Public Safety Cpl. Jeremy Hembree said about two dozen callers have left message for him about outstanding warrants they thought they may have, but thus far none have had any of the estimated 2,000 active arrest and bench warrants mounting at Aiken Public Safety. "Today is the last day for them to find out before we post their names on the City's website," Hembree said. By Monday afternoon, all of those with outstanding warrants, their charges and other identifying information will be online. "Now is the time to do it," he said. The department is working with the City's judge to streamline the process during a "warrants roundup" blitz scheduled to take a week from today. Judge Tracey Carroll has agreed to hold a full day of court dedicated to the warrants roundup, and bonding companies from the area will have representatives at the headquarters building on Laurens Street as well. "We are trying to make this move smoothly for everyone," Hembree said. "If people plan ahead they can save themselves a lot of hassle by coming in on the day of the roundup or even by calling us before that to clear matters up." Hembree said people can still call after their names are posted online but before the Friday round up. Many people with outstanding warrants may have also lost their driving privileges, he explained. If a warrant has been issued for an unpaid traffic citation, the driver's license is suspended. Residents will get information from Public Safety on how they can get those privileges re-instated after they pay the fines. "We are also going to have a section online where anyone who knows the whereabouts of a person with an outstanding warrant can leave us tips," Hembree said. "That information will come directly to us and we will follow up on tips." After the roundup, he said the officers will be actively pursuing anyone on that list. Those paying a fine before the round up or the day of it should have cash, a money order or a cashiers check. For more information contact Hembree at 642-7698. Leave a number and contact information. A judge can issue a bench warrant in a person's absence if he or she fails to show up for trial, and some people may not understand that, police said. Bench warrants can also be issued if a person has failed to pay a fine ordered by a judge. "This is not an amnesty program, but there are a lot of benefits to taking advantage of this," Hembree said. After the warrants roundup, the City of Aiken will post names, birthdays and last known addresses on the City's website. "We will put those names online immediately," the police corporal said. "If they get it taken care of, their names won't be posted on the City's website." Most, if not all of the outstanding warrants can be cleared that day, he said. "The odds are in their favor that they won't have to go through the jail to be booked," he added. "We can do that here." After the roundup, there will be a departmentwide initiative to track down the remaining suspects who haven't come forward. "These warrants won't go away," he said. Police Lt. David Turno is encouraging residents who think they may have a pending warrant to contact Hembree at 642-7698 before March 13. "Once the names have run, we know we will get tips on where people are, and we will go after them," Turno said. "The smart thing to do is take advantage of this opportunity while it is available." The roundup will begin at 8:15 a.m. March 13. Contact Karen Daily at