SRS manager to speak at nuclear group’s breakfast

FILE PHOTO BY DERREK ASBERRY Stuart MacVean, president of Savannah River Remediation, spoke about the contractor’s successes on a reduced budget during a CNTA breakfast in July.

Dr. Dave Moody, Savannah River Site manager, who is retiring in June, will be the keynote speaker during a breakfast later this month in which he will address Site-related issues.

The monthly breakfast is sponsored by Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness, or CNTA – a group that seeks to provide factual, objective information on nuclear subjects for the general public and for educational purposes.

The breakfast will be at 7:30 a.m. on April 29 at Newberry Hall, 117 Newberry St. SW. The cost to attend is $20 per person or $160 for a table of eight.

Reservations must be submitted by April 24 and can be made by calling 803-649-3456 or emailing

Clint Wolfe, executive director of CNTA, said he anticipates Moody will address the future of SRS and perhaps the challenges that his successor, Jack Craig, will face.

“CNTA places a high priority on keeping its membership up to date on SRS issues, and having the DOE site manager as our speaker enables us to keep that commitment,” Wolfe said.

Moody announced in November that he plans to retire in June after four years with SRS and 36 years with the Department of Energy. Moody’s accomplishments at the site include reducing the site’s footprint by 75 percent, permanently closing four radioactive liquid tanks, maximized production of vitrified high-level waste canisters, upgrading H Canyon for continual mission, finding a final disposition path for non-Moxable plutonium and spearheading an effort to find an alternative to build a third Glass Waste Storage facility.

“I think we have been very fortunate to have had Dr. Moody’s leadership in recent years,” Wolfe added. “He has been able to take a situation with multiple contractors and work scopes and still present a consistent, integrated image of the operations at SRS.”

Derrek Asberry is the SRS beat reporter.