Aiken County residents now have a new way to show their school spirit and support local high schools through SRP Federal Credit Union.

With affinity debit cards, SRP will give a percentage of the transaction fee to the customer’s chosen high school in Aiken County Public School District.

“It’s important because they see the value of investing in our public schools, and they know people want to help,” said Sam Fuller, principal of South Aiken High School.

The affinity debit card program is coupled with a financial literacy program SRP will be doing in the district’s high schools, according to Grace Helms, AVP of community development at SRP. She said the program will help teach students how to “spend, save and share responsibly.”

The program launched Aug. 1, and Helms said it has been “highly successful” since it began.

Helms said there is no fee for the switch to the affinity card. The new debit cards feature the chosen high school's logo. 

“SRP is dedicated to giving back in the communities in which we serve,” she said.

Fuller said the program provides a stress-free avenue for people to be able to help local schools.

“It’s an easy way to contribute,” he said.

Customers wishing to switch to the affinity cards can do so online, over the phone or by visiting the branch. 

Lindsey Hodges is a general assignment reporter at the Aiken Standard and North Augusta Star. Follow her on Twitter at @LindseyNHodges.