SRS workers

SRNS operators, whose work contributes to SRNS’ achievement of 25 million safe work hours, prepare the GE-2000 spent nuclear fuel shipping cask to be safely lifted out of its base by an 85-ton crane.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions employees surpassed 25 million safe work hours without a lost day due to an on-the-job injury on Wednesday.

The SRNS safety record represents the work of more than 6,000 employees.

“Surpassing 25 million safe hours for a company of SRNS’ size is a noteworthy accomplishment. But, when we also consider the work that is performed by our team to support our nation’s most pressing nuclear needs; the strength of our safety values really comes to light,” said Stuart MacVean, SRNS president and CEO.

From training to finance, nuclear materials management to construction, every SRNS employee and SRNS subcontractor works to a common set of standards that emphasize personal accountability, employee empowerment for safety and adherence to operational controls. Combined, these company standards help to ensure employee, visitor and community safety.

For Josh Montgomery, who joined the SRNS team nine years ago after serving as a U.S. Army Ranger, it is the company’s safety culture that inspires him to build a strong career with SRNS.

“Transitioning from the military to a civilian job with SRNS proved to be a natural fit for me. I spent many years training to protect our country and now, thanks to the training and culture at SRNS, I have been afforded an opportunity to continue to serve my country as a civilian. Like my experience as a Ranger, the SRNS safety culture has proven that safe and precise performance ensures mission success, every time. I look forward to a long career with this company who shares the same values for safety that I do,” said Montgomery.

Prior to reaching 25 million safe work hours, the SRNS’ record was 24.8 million safe work hours, which was attained in 2014. The company also exceeded 17 million safe-work hours in 2018.

“Although 25 million is an impressive number, it’s more important to recognize that this number represents 834 days of more than 6,000 SRNS employees going home to their families every day. These same people often give back to improve their communities through outreach in our schools and nonprofit organizations. This record goes beyond a number. It speaks to the heart of the people who make up the SRNS team and the difference their work, and commitment to safety, brings to the Site and our communities,” said MacVean.

To date, SRNS has also achieved more than 130 safety awards and recognitions since becoming the management and operations contractor at the Savannah River Site.