Lisa Thorton

Lisa Thoron's children, Kristy McKennon and David Allen, are searching for Lisa's biological parents, who gave her up for adoption in 1962. Lisa passed away in May 2018.

North Augusta resident David Allen and his sister, Tennessee resident Kristy Mckennon, are searching for their mother's parents, particularly their grandmother, who gave their mother up for adoption shortly after birth.

Their mother, Lisa Kaye Thorton née Mckennon, passed away in May 2018 after a long battle with depression. Her adopted father passed away roughly 15 years ago, and her adopted mother only a few months ago.

With their mother and grandparents both deceased, Allen and Mckennon are on the hunt to fulfill one of their mother's life-long wishes: find their biological grandparents.

Thorton was born at the Aiken County Hospital on Sept. 24, 1962, to "possibly a 14-year-old girl." According to her adopted mother, Lisa may have been the only baby born at the hospital that day. 

Additional information the family has on Lisa Thorton include the name of the doctor on her birth certificate: Robert Devore. Devore may not have been a doctor at the Aiken County Hospital at the time. 

Lisa had wanted to locate her biological parents for some time, said Allen, but chose to hold off on her search out of respect for her adopted parents. 

"It was something my mother talked about doing after her parents passed away," Allen said. "They're all gone now, so it's something I want to try to do for her." 

Allen recently turned in a DNA test to try to find a possible lead to his biological grandparents. 

Should he find them or his biological grandmother, Allen would like to find out why they chose to give up his mother for adoption. 

"I want to ask [her mother] if it was something she thought she had to do, or if she regretted it – just different things," Allen said.

Similarly, Mckennon would like to understand the circumstances of her mother's adoption, as well as get to know her extended family. 

"I would probably tell them that (our mom) always wondered about her maternal parents, especially her mom," Mckennon said. "She used to tell us that she felt a part of her was missing. I'd just want to get to know them and find out if I had any aunts or uncles, or cousins." 

Allen is expecting the results of the DNA test in early to mid-February.

Anyone who may have any information may contact David Allen or Kristy Mckennon on their Facebook post.