Christopher R. Erikson

Christopher R. Erikson

An Aiken County Sheriff's Office employee was arrested Sunday morning on a charge of pointing and presenting a firearm, according to a report from the sheriff's office.

Christopher Robert Erikson, 38, reportedly surrendered to officers with the Aiken Department of Public Safety around 7 a.m. Sunday, in connection with an investigation that began Jan. 10.

Erikson, who had been employed with the sheriff's office for five years and was most recently assigned to the detention division, was terminated as an employee upon his arrest.  

Sheriff Mike Hunt, in the press release, noted, “Accountability is one of the tenets for the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office. It is inexcusable for any officer to tarnish the badge of this office where it can have a lasting effect on the law-enforcement community.”

Erikson, according to the report, was off duty at the time of the reported incident, and the activity in question did not involve an agency-issued weapon.