The congregation, led by their priest, may have moved away from St. John's Episcopal Church. However, worship continued at the church Sunday, thanks to support from the Episcopal community. After Father Rob Hartley and most of his flock decided to split with the Episcopal Church, the future of St. John's was unknown. However, on Sunday, Holy Eucharist was, as usual, held at the church. Approximately 25 Episcopalians came to worship, most traveled from other local parishes, like St. Thaddeus' in North Augusta, though a few members of the old congregation have remained behind. "We felt we needed to come out and support the church," said one parishioner, who asked not to be identified. "We understand and respect the split that Father Rob (Hartley) has made. We do not agree with his decision, but if he felt the Lord leading him, that is what he must do. He is a good man and we have no ill will." Hartley resigned his position last Sunday as the vicar of St. John's. For years there has been a deepening rift between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion over a theological shift on issues ranging from biblical interpretation to the role of gays and lesbians in the church.