Sen. Tim Scott shares pro-business message

STAFF PHOTO BY AMY BANTON Senator Tim Scott shakes the hand of Aiken City Councilman Reggie Ebner.

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, who was just sworn into office this month, made an appearance at the 95th Annual Chamber Dinner Saturday evening.

The senator made a quick speech to attendees.

“I’m so excited about the success of Aiken County,” Scott said, mentioning the growing economy in the area and citing the Bridgestone expansion.

Scott talked a little about his mentor, John Moniz, who taught him to think his “way out of poverty” when he was flunking his classes in school.

“He was a fantastic man,” Scott said. “He taught me that business was the way out of poverty, not entertainment and sports.”

Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce President and CEO J. David Jameson said he was thrilled to have the senator at the event.

“It’s a high honor,” Jameson said. “He’s been in office for 15 days, and he came to Aiken. He brought us a strong, pro-business message.”

Scott, who said he has visited Aiken County three times with this being his first since he was sworn in, stated that he’s impressed by the community.

“You look at the cohesiveness and feel the energy – it’s really impressive,” Scott said.