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The Aiken County Sheriff's Office is reporting that residents have continued receiving calls from someone claiming to be an employee of the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to collect money. 

Scammers, while using the names of current sheriff's office employees, tell victims they have warrants sworn out for their arrest for missing jury duty, failing to appear for something that sounds important or that they have won a large cash reward.

To resolve these matters, the scammers ask victims to send money via Green Dot Cards, Moneygram or Cash App, the sheriff's office reports. 

"This ruse has claimed many victims who later realize that these are false claims," the sheriff's office said in a news release. "We encourage any citizen to not give money over the phone unless you know you are dealing with a legitimate company or person."

Those who receive this type of call are encouraged to hang up and call the sheriff's office at 803-648-6811 to verify the request.

Residents are reminded the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office does not collect money, credit card or payment for anything over the phone.

The sheriff's office first reported complaints from victims May 13. 

Deputies have turned over recent reported scams to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. 

Matthew Enfinger is the crime and courts reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter: @matt_enfinger