SRR Tom Foster

Savannah River Remediation President and Project Manager Tom Foster presents during the CNTA Up & Atom breakfast on Wednesday.

Savannah River Remediation President and Project Manager Tom Foster and two SRR summer college interns were the keynote speakers at the most recent Up & Atom Breakfast hosted by Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness.

SRR is the liquid waste contractor at the Savannah River Site. Foster oversees all areas of the SRS liquid waste disposition program, including removal of radioactive materials from tanks, safe demonstration of new technologies for the treatment and disposition of waste, and operational closure of the waste tanks.

During the presentation, he spoke on how SRR is preparing for the startup of the Salt Waste Processing Facility. SWPF will be the key liquid waste facility for processing the SRS salt waste inventory, which makes up about 90 percent of the site’s remaining 35 million gallons of tank waste.

SRR has been preparing current SRS liquid waste facilities to be integrated into SWPF. Integration work has included modifications of underground waste transfer lines to connect the facilities and modifying the SWPF feed tank in H Tank Farm.

The SRR summer college interns were also in attendance at the breakfast, and two of them discussed their experiences for the group. Interns Kenya Webb and Daniel Wintrow gave presentations on their summer projects at SRR.

Webb is a Mobile, Alabama, native studying mechanical engineering, concentrating in propulsion, at the University of Alabama A&M University. She is working in the SRR engineering programming group.

Wintrow is from Ridge Spring and is studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Carolina. He is working in mechanical systems engineering at the Defense Waste Processing Facility.

The breakfasts are held at Newberry Hall in Aiken.

CNTA is an Aiken-based charitable educational organization dedicated to providing factual information about nuclear topics and educating the public on nuclear issues.

Up & Atom breakfasts is one of many educational projects sponsored by CNTA that include an essay/video contest, the annual Edward Teller Lecture and Banquet, an interactive nucleus exhibit at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, a speaker’s bureau, and periodic teachers workshops that assist middle and high school teachers in bringing nuclear science topics into the classroom.