ANDERSON (AP) — South Carolina environmental officials have said water in an Upstate pond must be lowered.

WYFF reported that the Department of Health and Environmental Control has ordered the draining of the pond at Big Daddy’s Fishing Lakes in Williamston.

DHEC officials said they believe the recent heavy rain can create a potential hazard downstream of the pond. They said they’ve had problems with the dam for some time.

Property owner Ramona Wesley said the water isn’t draining properly because beavers have built dams on the pond. DHEC officials said the water needs to be low enough so crews can access the holes the beavers have made and fill them in.

Draining the pond will cost about $2,000 and won’t fix the real problem, Wesley said.

“What’s going to stop the beavers from doing the same thing?” Wesley asked. “And then with all this rain, it will take a while for this for that pond to drain and we can’t drain it too fast because then that will cause a problem for them downstream.”