COLUMBIA (AP) -- A spokesman says South Carolina Education Superintendent Jim Rex won't seek re-election next year. Rex is the only Democrat holding statewide office in South Carolina and has been considering a try for the gubernatorial nomination. Zeke Stokes says Rex issued a statement Thursday announcing his decision not to seek re- election and adding he hasn't decided if he will seek the gubernatorial nomination in 2010. Rex's statement says he's learned in his nearly three years in office that there are limits to what he can do to improve education with someone in the governor's office who doesn't make education a top priority. Rex says he expects to make a decision on the governor's race soon. Aiken Superintendent Dr. Beth Everitt said Rex has been a great superintendent for South Carolina. "He keeps us informed and is very supportive," said Everitt "I appreciate that he goes out in the schools to hear what we think. I am concerned about who the next superintendent will be. It's an important role for us, a direct link to what is going on statewide."