ROCK HILL -- Jail officials in Rock Hill are taking steps to prevent suicides at the facility after two inmates killed themselves within a six-month period. The Herald of Rock Hill reports that officials have removed telephones from four cells after cords were used in the two suicides, the latest coming in December. "We're looking at the phones, and we've made further modifications," Police Chief John Gregory said. "We are taking action. We have a plan to make it safer so nothing like that can happen again. I don't want to talk about specifics until it happens." The plan is expected to begin before the end of this year, said Lt. Brad Redfearn, department spokesman. Last month, authorities say Jason Douglas Herring, 35, hanged himself with a blanket that was anchored to a phone cord in his cell. Six months before, officials said, Glenda Childers, 45, used a phone cord to strangle herself. Records show that Herring and Childers are the only inmates who have committed suicide at the jail in the past five years. Only one person has committed suicide at the detention center since 1991, officials said. For now, eight holding cells have telephones. Inmates use phones to make collect calls to arrange for bond or to contact their relatives and lawyers. "It's better to have inmates secured in cells than to have them moving freely within the jail trying to use telephones," Gregory said. "It could lead to a lot of incidents. It's a security risk for the jail staff." Jailers are trained to recognize suspicious and dangerous inmate behaviors, said Capt. Freddie Arwood, director of detention security. "You can't take it lightly," Arwood said of suicide threats. "You have the ones who just say it, thinking they're going to get out of jail. Then you have the ones who say it, and they're showing signs of suicide." Arwood recalled a man who tied a shoe string around his neck in an attempt to end his life. In another instance, a woman tied a bra around her neck but was revived.