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The Aiken Department of Public Safety and the Aiken County Public School District are investigating a fight that occurred Tuesday involving a South Aiken High School student and a middle school student.

Videoed portions of a physical altercation after school Tuesday have circulated throughout social media, according to a news release from Aiken County Public Schools.

South Aiken’s School Resource Officer and multiple administrators from South Aiken and Kennedy were on-duty assisting with afternoon dismissal and responded to the area immediately upon their knowledge of the situation, according to the release.

As with any student disciplinary matter, a thorough investigation is underway, according to the release.

Lt. Jake Mahoney, with Aiken Public Safety, said investigators are working to get to the bottom of what happened and who was all involved in the fight.

"Right now, most of the information circulating is very one-sided, so we are doing a thorough investigation into the matter," Mahoney said.

Evidence, including a video of the scene just before the fight, a social media post by one of the altercation participants and student witness accounts, indicates that the female students involved planned to fight one another and encouraged other students to observe their altercation, according to the release.

Aiken County Public Schools' Code of Student Conduct guides administrative discretion of consequences for behaviors of this nature, according to the release.

Those severe consequences, ranging from five or more days of out-of-school suspension to expulsion and a recommendation for alternative placement, can be applied to the students fighting, students instigating a fight, as well as students videoing and/or posting school-related incidents online.

The severity of the consequence for disciplined students will be relative to their level of involvement and violation, according to the release.

Staff reporter Tripp Girardeau contributed to the his report.

Larry Wood covers education for the Aiken Standard.

A native of Aiken, Larry Wood covers education for the Aiken Standard.