Back-to-school: Aiken High schools (copy)

South Aiken High School

South Aiken High School administrators sent out a message Wednesday concerning rumors and recent social media posts regarding a possible threat to the school.

The message was sent over the school's website in an effort to keep parents and the community informed on the situation.

The statement said officials have been made aware of rumors circulating within the community about a possible threat to the school. These rumors led to posts about a possible school threat to pop up on social media sites like Facebook.

"These rumors stem from a lunchroom incident Tuesday, and Aiken Public Safety investigators and school administrators are actively investigating the source of the rumors and the social media posts at this time," the message on the school's website states.

This situation comes six days after Midland Valley High School was placed on a hard lockdown after two phone calls were made to the school regarding an "outside threat." The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office investigated that situation and ended up identifying the source of the threatening phone calls made to Midland Valley, tracking the caller’s location to an area outside the United States.

Aiken Public Safety investigators do not believe South Aiken students are in any danger at this time, as Tuesday's "threats" appear to be nothing more than just a false rumor that spread.

As of Wednesday afternoon, no arrests had been made in connection with the investigation, Lt. Jake Mahoney, with Aiken Public Safety, said.

South Aiken was not under any kind of lockdown Wednesday.

Any additional information or a change in the school’s security level will be provided by the Aiken County Public School District.

Residents can actively check for any updates on this situation by visiting the South Aiken High website at

Tripp Girardeau is the crime and courts reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter at @trippgirardeau.