Stock Photo - Police Bookings

These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravatt Detention Center for Aug. 9-11, 2019. Some names have already been printed and are not included below. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Adam Harrison Moulton, 35 — assault and battery third degree, contempt/malicious $2,000 or less bench warrant two counts

Patricia Ann Richardson, 51 — larceny/petit or simple larceny $2,000 or less, public disorderly conduct

Barbara Jean Calderon, 48 — assault and battery third degree

Jeffrey Todd Frazier, 30 — contempt of magistrate's court

Jeff Morton Jr., 53 — contempt of magistrate's court driving under suspension third or subsequent offense bench warrant sealed sentenced, hold for Edgefield County Sheriff's Office detainer hold

Matthew Guy Fields, 37 — armed robbery, robbery while armed or allegedly armed with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, possession of a weapon during a violent crime if not also sentenced to life without parole, burglary (non-violent) second degree bondsman off bond

Tiffany Jo Washington, 31 — hold for Butts County Sheriff's Office in Jackson, Georgia

Brian Alan Pagan, 32 — violation of probation, receiving goods represented as stolen $10,000 or more, receiving goods represented as stolen more than $2,000 but less than $10,000

Raven Nicole Peeples, 31 — probation/violation of terms of probation, parole or other supervisory program

Altashaun Bacon, 18 — accessory before the fact to a felony general provision (violent if violent felony), accessory after the fact to felony A, B, C or murder

Crystal Nicole Jackson, 25 — possession of narcotics in schedule I (B), (C,) LSD and schedule II first offense, shoplifting $2,000 or less

Iris Nicole Harden, 37 — shoplifting $2,000 or less

Kenneth Edward Parker Jr., 44 — shoplifting $2,000 or less

Carrie Wild White, 35 — public drunk, public consumption

Yinis Nino-Prestegui, 36 — public disorderly conduct, hold for Immigration Customs Enforcement detainer hold

Jason Douglas Edmonds, 31 — assault and battery third degree

Spencer Brian Sanifer, 23 — driving under the influence less than .10 first offense

Richard Dean Williams, 30 — bench warrant domestic violence third degree

Catherine Arlene Porter, 54 — possess, conceal, sell or dispose of stolen vehicle $10,000, receiving stolen goods $2,000 or less

Joshua Robert Helms, 35 — hold for Lancaster County Sheriff's Office detainer hold, public disorderly conduct

Ruben Shacobie Simpkins, 34 — domestic violence second degree

Andrew James Beard, 30 — public disorderly conduct

David Michael Lasowitz, 30 — shoplifting $2,000 or less, trespass after notice

Eric Jermaine Russell, 29 — driving under suspension, open container of beer/wine

Kristen Beam Clark, 26 — driving under the influence felony driving under the influence with great bodily injury results

Chester David Rawls, 69 — hit and run of attended vehicle duties or a driver involved in accident, driving under suspension license not suspended for DUI first offense

Gary Toole, 46 — assault and battery third degree

Patricia Elizabeth Bultman, 51 — legal custodian unlawful neglect of child or helpless person

Leila Shavone Geter, 29 — burglary (after June 20, 1985) third degree first offense

Brian David Fogg, 26 — burglary (after June 20, 1985) third degree first offense, petit or simple larceny $2,000 or less, malicious injury to animals, personal property, injury $2,000

Chris Gruber Jr., 50 — public disorderly conduct, trespassing/entering premises after warning or refusing to leave on request, public disorderly conduct

Johnny Newman McNally, 39 — assault and battery third degree

Benedict Clemons Sr., 55 — family court bench warrant failure to pay three counts, domestic violence second degree

Michael Baynham, 54 — driving under the influence more than .10 but less than .16 first offense

Christina Hope Mims, 34 — driving under the influence .16 or higher first offense, child endangerment commit certain vehicular offenses with minor in vehicle

Travis Lewis Foreman, 31 — public disorderly conduct

Shane Williams, 33 — driving under the influence less than .10 third offense, driving for suspension license suspended for DUI third or subsequent offense

Sarah Ann Burke, 28 — hold for North Augusta Department of Public Safety awaiting warrants

Van Erik Vincent, 37 — driving under suspension license not suspended for DUI first offense

Danny Jay Osbon, 58 — hold for Florence City Police Department

Bernard Anthony Johnson II, 32 — receiving stolen goods $2,000 or less