4 Copper wires valued at $5,000 were reported stolen from a cell phone tower in Aiken County. The copper was taken between Oct. 29, 2008 and Jan. 27, 2009. 4 A burglary at a Hillview Circle residence in Aiken was reported Tuesday. Clothes, jewelry, DVDs and assorted electronics were reported stolen. 4 A storage unit at a storage complex on Jefferson Davis Highway was reportedly broken into in December, officials said. The value of the household items stolen is estimated to be $13,000. 4 An Augusta man reported late Tuesday that he was robbed at gunpoint on Bell Drive in Beech Island after a vehicle behind him flashed its lights at him and prompted him to stop. The man said they took cash and a check during the holdup. 4 A Jehossee Drive resident reported Tuesday that an iPod touch valued at $320 and Bose headphones valued at $150 were reported stolen. 4 A intoxicated pedestrian was reportedly found passed out in front of the Girls and Boys Club on York Street Tuesday afternoon. The person was charged with disorderly conducted and jailed.