A tradition of community and thanksgiving continued as hundreds shared a meal Thursday afternoon at Aiken's annual One Table. 

The annual Thanksgiving meal invites everyone from within and around the Aiken community to enjoy a free, home-cooked meal at The Alley in downtown Aiken from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Kathryn Wade, event coordinator of One Table, said volunteers cooked 92 turkeys this year, most of the turkeys being at least 24 pounds. 

In addition to turkey, guests enjoyed several other Thanksgiving dishes including dressing, macaroni and cheese and more. 

For some, One Table serves as an unbreakable Thanksgiving tradition. 

Roy Williams said he has come to One Table every year for several years. 

He said the event means everything to him. 

"I've been coming here forever," Williams said. "I live right down the street and it's just a wonderful thing. It shows that God is good all the time." 

While the event is an annual tradition for many, some locals experienced One Table for the first time. 

Michael Kleckker stood in a long line with his family and friends waiting to be served. 

The Kleckker family has lived in Aiken for about 10 years but have never attended One Table.  

"Thanksgiving means to be thankful for what we have," Kleckker said. "Somebody said it best this morning that we're lucky enough to be here in Aiken. One Table fits into that. Aiken is a very special place." 

While hundreds enjoyed home cooked meals, volunteers wearing red shirts worked behind the scenes carrying trays full of pie, filling drinks and serving food. 

Seeing selfless caring given by those within the Aiken community exemplified what Thanksgiving means, Wade said.  

"Aiken is such a giving community and this is just another facet of people who are willing to give and to spend their Thanksgiving serving others," Wade said. "That's just really special. No other community does this and I think that's what makes our community special."