USC Aiken School of Nursing instructor Betty Abraham-Settles recently was awarded a Medical-Surgical Certification by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The certification validates skills, knowledge and abilities in that field. To prepare for the certification's exam, Abraham-Settles followed a six-month review plan. Nursing has been a part of her life for the past 30 years, Abraham-Settles said. As a professional nurse, she said, she tries continuously to seek ways to promote and enhance consumer health and safety. "Maintaining high standards of professional practice excellence through certification is one way of accomplishing this," Abraham-Settles said. "The other is to continue practice in the field of study to remain current with evidence-based practice and deliver excellent patient care. Passing the examination is also a personal accomplishment." Areas that were focused on in securing the certification involved those not specifically covered in the medical surgical course that Abraham-Settles teaches. "Nursing experience helped tremendously," she said of her certification exam. "Test content is much different than it was when I graduated from undergraduate nursing school. Experience played a role in how I approached the questions. I am grateful to be teaching in a nursing program where the dean supports faculty development." Dr. Maggie Dorsey, interim dean with USCA's School of Nursing, said she was thrilled with Abraham-Settles' accomplishment. "ANCC board certification and recognition empowers nurses within their professional sphere of activity and contributes to better patient outcomes," Dorsey said. "Professor Abraham-Settles achieving this certification also models for our nursing students that nurses are lifelong learners and achievers."