The North Augusta/Midland Valley Relay For Life annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society kicks off Tuesday.

This kickoff celebration will be for anyone who plans to participate in this year’s activities for the Relay For Life in North Augusta/Midland Valley and want to learn more about the program.

A small change has been made to this year’s big Relay event for North Augusta/Midland Valley, which takes place on May 10. Through suggestions made by volunteers, caregivers and cancer survivors, it was decided that the event will not last all night like it has in years past – this year, it will start at 6 p.m. and conclude at midnight, according to American Cancer Society Community Manager Lisa Glass.

The American Cancer Society will be commemorating 100 years and the theme for the May 10 event will be “Celebrating 100 Years of Hope.”

Glass said it’s a very fitting theme. The kickoff celebration will be like attending a birthday party complete with decorations, food, cake, entertainment and speakers.

“This is the 100th birthday of the American Cancer Society, so we are having a birthday party all year,” said Glass. “The kickoff is meant to energize the team captains, teams, committee and the community.”

Glass added that the goal is to save 1,000 lives a day by 2020 through spreading awareness. Glass said about 65 percent of cancers are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices like eating well and exercising. Currently, the count is up to 400 lives saved a day, which is up from last year which was approximately 350 lives, she said.

“That is a huge success and we’re well on the way to eliminating cancer as a major health concern,” Glass said.

The kickoff celebration will begin at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church located at 1002 Carolina Ave. in North Augusta. 

For more information about the kickoff or the May 10 Relay For Life event, call Glass at 979-3685.