North Augusta 2000 rebrands its name to North Augusta Forward

North Augusta Forward

NORTH AUGUSTA — North Augusta 2000 helped move North Augusta forward.

With that mission in mind, the Board of North Augusta 2000 voted to change the name of the organization to North Augusta Forward, which better fits the current activities it is undertaking. The new branding was unveiled Thursday at the old Marrh Theatre courtyard in downtown North Augusta.

“We’re proud of our track record, but we’re more proud of where we’re headed in the future,” said North Augusta Forward Chairman Charles Martin. “We’re trying to move North Augusta and help the City government do things that it cannot do. There’s a lot that government can’t do that the private sector can. That’s what we’re all about.”

North Augusta 2000 was founded in 1999 to help create “a strategic vision for the future of the community,” according to its website. From that time, the organization has worked to progress the areas of economic development, quality of life, education and parks and recreation, raising $1.8 million in its first five years to fund projects. After its successful first campaign, the group began its second campaign, tackling the issues of economic development through revitalization and quality growth, education, community engagement and culture and history.

As North Augusta 2000 sheds its skin to become North Augusta Forward, there is a new mission that attacks many areas of need – the Downtown Greeneway Connector. North Augusta Forward has partnered with Alta Planning and Development to create an idea for the downtown area to become a hub of business and commerce with the Greeneway at the heart.

“The one thing the Greeneway does not do for us at this point is generate an economic impact on the city,” said Brett Brannon of the North Augusta Forward Board of Directors. “What we want to do is harness the vast number of users – people often underestimate the number of users of the Greeneway – it averages over 20,000 people a month. We want to harness the power of that density of people into the downtown and create a gateway center where it becomes common to access the Greeneway from that point.”

With a new name, logo, website and vision, North Augusta Forward is preparing for the future in South Carolina’s Riverfront.