NORTH AUGUSTA -- Bicyclists, runners and walkers are on track to have another option in a few months, as plans and material are coming together for a multi-use path to run alongside a future stretch of the Palmetto Parkway, for a stretch of about five miles. "It's a part of our project," said Alan Wertz, a road projects manager for U.S. Constructors. "It's ... parallel to the interstate. It initiates at Atomic Road, is on the west side of the new parkway and extends all the way to Ascauga Lake Road." He noted that most of the route has been cleared. This week's weather, however, presented a challenge in terms of making progress. Hopes are for the project to be completed "in the latter part of this year." Bob Brooks, North Augusta's director of parks, recreation and leisure services, also confirmed the plan and pointed out that the trail that is taking shape could wind up being linked to the Greeneway in three or four years. City officials, in recent years, have expressed interest in hooking the Greeneway to other CSRA paths for bicyclists and pedestrians, reaching into Edgefield County as well as into Georgia. North Augusta City Councilman Arthur Shealy pointed out that the path was part of a brief disappearing act, in terms of budgeting. "It was in the plan. We didn't have enough money. The money was found and put back in the plan, and that all went over the period of a few years. The first bid we got on that project was in the middle of $1.50 oil prices and commodities' prices were shooting up, so that got cut from the bids but somehow the state came up with money." The adjustments were announced in January 2008 as part of a package. A report from the S.C. Department of Transportation read, "The changes include widening Clearwater Road from three to five lanes, widening U.S. 25 to six lanes (three lanes in each direction), a complete reconstruction of interchange at I-20 and U.S. 25 to include a new U.S. 25 bridge over I-20 and a bicycle and pedestrian path adjacent to I-520." The parkway's current phase, covering about 6.5 miles, goes from U.S. 1 to I-20 and represents the completion of I-520, linking South Carolina mileage with what is known in Georgia as the Bobby Jones Expressway. Details are available at