Editor's note: The Aiken Standard erroneously reported in a Feb. 2 story that Aiken County Council would hold a public hearing today on a proposed ordinance establishing operating hours for bars. The public hearing will be held Tuesday, Feb. 17 instead. Aiken County Council will give final reading today to an ordinance that will add more emergency services positions to the budget and put more ambulances on the road. Council is expected to pass the ordinance, amending its current operating budget to provide the funds for reinstating the 10 full-time emergency services positions cut from the budget last year. The amendment will mean a net budget increase of less than $218,000. The budget amendment is one of three funding options County Assistant Administrator Todd Glover presented to the Judicial and Public Safety Committee last year, saying a solution was needed to improve a system being "stretched thin." The committee initially recommended option two, which called for an additional 15 full-time positions and putting five more ambulances on the road at a significantly larger net budget increase. But that recommendation changed at the Jan. 27 meeting. Why? Option one has less impact on the budget, said LaWana McKenzie, chairwoman of the Judicial and Public Safety Committee. "(It is) money," she said. "I know at budget time there are going to be other needs." Committee member Chuck Smith agreed. "These are tough economic times," he said. "We don't know what the future holds. Balancing our needs and resources is better than shooting for the moon. Emergency services has got to be one of the most important services we provide." Glover said reinstating the 10 positions will allow the County to keep all nine of its stations open all the time. Now, when people call in sick or are out for any reason, no one is available to fill those slots. "This will give us the flexibility to move people into those vacancies," he said. "This is a huge step forward," McKenzie said. "I think it's going to provide better service." Council will not hold a public hearing on a proposed ordinance mandating operating hours for bars. The body heard first reading at its Jan. 27 meeting but did not have enough time before today's meeting to advertise a public hearing. The public hearing and second reading will come up before Council on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Aiken County Council meets at 7 p.m. in chambers located at 736 Richland Ave.