Management troubles within Savannah River Site's management contractor seem to be continuing. After the swift departure and replacement of former CEO and President Chuck Munns and the reapportioning of $200 million in stimulus funds, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions is now facing an ethics violation investigation and a reported shake-up in management. An anonymous complaint has been filed against Cynthia Anderson, head of The Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management's Recovery Act work. A copy of the privileged report was obtained by an industry publication, Weapons Complex Monitor (WCM), recently. That publication reported that the complaint that was sent to the DOE's inspector general alleges that Anderson improperly directed America Recovery and Reinvestment Act hiring activities at SRS. A spokeswoman for the Inspector General's Office confirmed that a delegation has been dispatched to SRS to investigate the whistle blower's complaint. "We are currently conducting a review at the Savannah River Site, predicated on complaints received by our office. We are not in the position to comment further as much as this is an ongoing matter," the spokeswoman said. The allegation come alongside changes in management at the Fluor-led contractor and changes internally with DOE. Local sources at Savannah River Site and WCM have reported that there has been a reshuffling on the SRNS board. SRNS Spokesman Will Callicot said Sunday that no announcement has been made on this matter; however, several individuals in management positions have been reassigned in the last fortnight, according to a source within the Site. WCM reported that decision making has been removed from the hands of the site manager for DOE, Jeff Allison, and moved to a separate management structure. Vincent Adams now heads the Savannah River Recovery Act Program, with Rod Rimando as his deputy. Allison said to employees, "To ensure our continued success, I have brought in Dr. Vincent Adams ... to lead the effort." However, a different picture seems to be painted by an e-mail sent from Anderson to Allison, which was published in WCM. Anderson states that facility representatives and others selected by Adams and Rimando "will be functionally reporting to Vince/Rod and administratively reporting to their supervisor of record. Vince/Rod will direct their assignments, without question. This will alleviate conflicts in work priorities." Contact Mike Gellatly at