Downtown business owners consider themselves to be a family, and they recently reaffirmed that feeling of camaraderie. Cathy Bland, co-owner of Tea Garden Gifts, organized the making of a holiday video for Kim Herrick, owner of Bone-i-fide Bakery, who is currently battling cancer. Thursday morning, Bland, along with videographer Cole Nickell, his sister Julia and "Frosty the Snowman," hit downtown businesses asking employees and store owners to wish Herrick a merry Christmas. Bland said the idea was to let Herrick know that downtown Aiken stands behind her and wants to offer her some holiday spirit. "She's our neighbor and we wanted to let her know that we are thinking of her this holiday season," said Bland. Cole is a youth pastor for New Covenant Presbyterian Church and does video work on the side. He said that a video is an easy way for downtown business owners and employees to express their love and best wishes to Herrick. "I think it will be a big encouragement that so many are thinking of her," Cole said. The crew's first stop was Bone-i-fide, where Kim's employees eagerly stepped in front of the camera to offer their kind words. "This is Kim's store and we wanted to wish her a merry Christmas," said Carly Vann, an employee of Bone-i-fide. "I think she will appreciate it; it will be nice for her to know downtown is supporting her." Several other downtown stores got a visit from Frosty, and even customers on the streets participated in the video. Birds and Butterflies' co-owner, Ron Brenneman, thought the video was a wonderful idea. "I'm sure she will be touched that all her downtown friends are thinking of her," Brenneman said. Bland also planned one more surprise. Thursday evening, downtown business owners and employees gathered in front of Tea Garden Gifts and serenaded Herrick with Christmas carols. Herrick's face lit up as she sat on a park bench in front of them, clapping and singing along. Herrick said she appreciated the support, and that her fellow business owners' actions were very meaningful to her because she knows of individuals in downtown Aiken who went through similar trials and tribulations. "It was a huge surprise but, really, I'm not surprised by the people and their support," Herrick said. "It's a great community downtown." Cole presented Herrick the video once it was completed. To view the video, visit Contact Amy Banton at