JACKSON — The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident that led to the arrest of a 25-year-old New Ellenton man at Jackson Boat Landing early on Sunday morning.

According to six victims, the subject assaulted them after “quickly” flashing a badge and telling them he was “Officer Bradshaw” of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

The victims – five males and one female – said the subject searched all of them and tried to put handcuffs on them. The subject also searched a vehicle belonging to one of the victims.

In addition, the responding officer’s incident report stated that the subject placed one of the male victim’s in an arm lock and then put the victim into a choke hold. The subject also hit the victim in the face with an elbow, used a knife to cut one of the victim’s front pants pockets and placed a foot on the victim’s neck after “putting” the victim on the ground.

The subject then told another male victim “not to be nervous” and then “threw” him onto the dock, according to the incident report.

The victims said the subject eventually ordered them to leave the area.

The father of three juveniles who were among the subject’s victims notified the Sheriff’s Office about what had happened. The responding officer subsequently found the subject at the dock. The officer’s report stated that the man “smelled of alcohol” and “appeared to be intoxicated.”

The subject denied brandishing the badge, handcuffs and knife. He also said he didn’t identify himself as an officer with the Department of Natural Resources. The victim told the officer that he had approached the victims and yelled at them for being too loud.

The responding officer searched the subject and located a knife. The officer also found a pair of handcuffs and a security officer’s badge in the man’s vehicle prior to taking him into custody.