Betty Crowther will be returning to town as part of the Aiken Master Gardeners’ Lunch Box Lecture Series.

Crowther’s presentation, titled “Starting Seeds Indoors,” will be held on Monday at Trinity United Methodist Church in Aiken at 12:30 p.m.

The Lunch Box Lecture Series hosts free hourlong presentations on gardening every third Monday of the month from January through October.

Crowther spoke at the series last year and was well-received by the community, said Karen Eckert, vice president of Aiken Master Gardeners.

“We actually had a problem because there were far more people there than we could accommodate, and we had to turn people away,” Eckert said. “This year, we have a bigger room that will be able to hold twice as many people, so we’re very excited about that.”

The event organizers will offer visitors a variety of heirloom seed samples, such as zinnias, calendula and cherry tomatoes, to encourage the guests to give indoor seed-growing a try, according to a release on the Aiken Master Gardeners website.

Crowther, a native of Chester, England, relocated to Augusta 22 years ago with her husband. She was named a Georgia Master Gardener in 1999 and a lifetime Master Gardener 10 years later. She has been growing flowers from seed for 12 years and said her knowledge of gardening is particularly pertinent in the present day.

“Gardening is as important now as it has been in a long time,” she said. “One reason for that is because of the economic situation and people trying to find ways to eat more affordably. But, also because there are so many different types of seeds that are available, whether it’s organic seeds or heirloom seeds and so on, that it’s become very accessible.”

Crowther acquired her love of gardening from her mother. She also shares a passion for plants with her sister, who still lives in England. Crowther said she often visits her sibling across the pond and the two trade tips and tricks from the garden.

“It’s always interesting to see some of the different things she’s able to do with her garden in England,” Crowther said. “We learn a lot from each other, and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with others.”

Crowther said her lecture will be useful to gardeners of all experience levels.

“Whether you’ve been gardening for a long time or are a novice, there should be something for you,” she said.