Residents can expect an array of entertainment at the sixth annual Fire Over Aiken, which will include a talent show for children.

The 2019 Fire Over Aiken is being held at the Western Carolina State Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 22, and the Kids Talent Show will take place from 5 to 7 p.m.

All the children performing in the show will be 18 years old and younger, and the performers will showcase talent of all sorts.

"This is something I've very excited about," said Ciera Clingerman, special projects and sales executive with the Aiken Standard, a sponsor of Fire Over Aiken. "We are wanting more kids to come out, because we know Aiken has so much talent – even beyond Aiken. 

The overall winner for the contest will receive a $100 gift card, but there will be door prizes for all participants in the show.

"Technically our registration deadline has passed, but we are wanting more kids to come out. ... So, if kids 18 and under want to sign up, it can be as simple as emailing me at, and I can get you involved as quick as a click of a button, really," Clingerman said. 

Local leaders and officials from local businesses will judge the contest, she said.

Kids who plan on performing are reminded to wear appropriate dress, conduct themselves appropriately and use no foul language.

Clingerman said this talent show is special to her.

"I grew up, at a young age, singing and performing in front of people," she said. "I feel like being in front of large crowds and learning how to build that confidence to even step out in front of a large crowd is very important for kids to learn. It helps their emotional well-being, social, even physical – learning how to move your body and perform in front of other people in that way. I think learning to perform in front of people is ideal."

There are spots still available for any children, 18 years and younger, who want to participate in the talent show.

Those interested in signing up can contact Clingerman by calling 803-644-2377 or emailing or

The Fire Over Aiken is being organized by Atlantic Broadband.

Tripp Girardeau is the crime and courts reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter at @trippgirardeau.