Ken Gordon elected president of Aiken Republican Club


The Aiken Republican Club has a new president.

Ken Gordon has been chosen by the club’s board to be president after Tony Coffaro, now vice president, served in that capacity for three years.

Gordon, originally from Louisville, Ky., spent his career in chemical engineering after graduating from the University of Louisville and worked in a variety of positions from sales to general management.

When Gordon moved to Aiken in 2006, he joined the Aiken County Republican Party and has been serving on the executive committee. He also joined the Aiken Republican Club in 2006 and was elected to its board in 2011.

Gordon was elected as the club’s president and his two-year term began this month.

“I consider it an honor,” Gordon said. “The club has served a very good purpose for not only our members but the people of Aiken, particularly the Republican group.”

The club holds regular luncheons and a Republican at any level of government, from a municipality to the national level, speaks at the event. Gordon said the purpose of the club is to keep the party informed of what’s going on at home and beyond.

The club has had senators and congress members from throughout the state as well as presidential candidates speak at events.

Coffaro served a year more than a regular term due to the fact that it was to end during a presidential election year. The board requested to allow Coffaro to serve one more year to allow continuity during the big election.

“I had a great run and I’m looking forward to being vice president and continue being with this club,” Coffaro said. “We have been very fortunate that the club has grown and we’ve gained notoriety in the state.”

The Aiken Republican Club was established in 2002 by Arthur Andersen.

With more than 250 members, it is the largest public Republican club in the state, according to Coffaro. The number of members hit its peak last year at 307.

The Aiken Republican Club is a separate entity from the Aiken Republican Party.