Melodi Renee Tucker

Melodi Renee Tucker

A Jackson woman was charged Wednesday following an altercation with an Aiken County Sheriff's Office deputy. 

Melodi Renee Tucker, 33, of Jackson was charged after reportedly choking a deputy who was attempting to place her under arrest for disorderly conduct in public.

Deputies were dispatched to Piney Heights Road at Tutt Street in Langley where the suspect was reportedly breaking objects with a metal pipe near the roadway, according to an incident report by the sheriff's office. 

Deputies said the suspect became extremely agitated and started to use loud, profane language in the roadway, the report states. 

When a female deputy attempted to place the suspect under arrest, the suspect ran, according to the report. 

The deputy chased the suspect, and both landed on the ground. 

The report states the deputy sustained numerous lacerations on both her forearms while on the ground. 

The suspect was able to place the deputy on her back and then placed both of her hands around the deputy's throat, causing the deputy to be unable to breathe, the report states. 

After the suspect and the deputy rolled on the ground, the suspect was able to mount the back of the deputy and place her arm around the deputy's neck, the report states. 

The deputy was able to stun the suspect using a department-issued stun gun, according to the report. 

Tucker was arrested and charged with destruction of county property, public disorderly conduct, assaulting, beating or wounding a police officer while resisting arrest and attempted murder, according to jail records. 

Deputies observed bruising around the deputy's neck and other injuries sustained in the altercation. 

The report also states the microphone worn on the deputy's body was broke following the altercation. 

Tucker was taken to the Aiken County detention center where she was being held as of Thursday afternoon. 

Matthew Enfinger is the crime and courts reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter: @matt_enfinger