It's 'wheelie' Christmas!

Irvin Summer, owner of Aiken's Finiest Flea Market, stands with his Christmas tree built from bicycles.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, thy bicycle reflectors shine out brightly. Irvin Summer, owner of Aiken's Finest Flea Market on Trolley Line Road, has constructed a Christmas tree out of bicycles. It sits more than 10-feet high in front of the Christmas Store run by his wife, Laurel, also located on Trolley Line Road. Summer said he thought of the idea late one night after pondering what to do with a bunch of bicycles he had collected over the years. "I had the bicycles, so why not?" Summer said. A friend and Summer worked on the towering structure all day Monday and are still adding bicycles. Summer said that around 200 bicycles make up the tree. "As far as I know, there aren't any more of these out there," Summer said. "It's leaning a bit, but it's unique; it's what I wanted it to be." This Christmas tree doesn't need lights - its brightness is captured by the sun shining off the bikes' reflectors. It is made of a variety of different bicycles from different time periods and consists of an array of colors. Children's and adult's bikes alike have been used to build the odd piece. "I think he's gone nuts," Laurel said, laughing. "He has his own thing, and he just enjoys life. He came up with this idea, and by George, he did it." Summer said that he will be keeping the structure up through January. Contact Amy Banton at