Nearly 100 alumni from Graniteville High School will sail out on a Carnival Cruise ship next month to Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas for the Graniteville High School reunion cruise. Under the auspices of the Leavelle McCampbell School Alumni Association, the alumni will board Carnival Cruise Line's ship, The Fantasy, in Charleston on Feb. 18 and head out for a five-night adventure full of food, music, shopping, entertainment and optional shore excursions. Graduates from the classes of the '50s, '60s, '70s and two graduates from the class of 1980 will mingle and reconnect with one another, and one special guest will be recognized as the unofficial guest of honor on board. Lucille Craig Arthur, who graduated with the class of 1938, will turn 90 on Feb. 5 and will be the oldest alumna on the ship. Arthur said when she found out she'd be recognized as the oldest member of the alumni on the cruise, she was actually quite surprised. "I figured that I might be the oldest, but I didn't know for sure," she said. "It's kind of exciting, I'm looking forward to being with everybody and having a good time." The itinerary for the alumni includes a "get acquainted" session on Saturday, Feb. 19, which will take place on the Lido deck by the pool. Bobby Hydrick, a graduate from the class of 1961, will entertain the guests with a live music performance during the session, and the graduates are encouraged to wear their GHS Reunion T-shirts. Kirk Bennett, publicist with the LMSAA and a graduate of the class of 1965, said the group's "get acquainted" session is an opportunity for the graduates from classes ranging over four decades to get to know each other. "I'm looking forward to really reconnecting with the many friends that I've come to know over the years," he said. During the cruise, alumni will have the chance to vote to establish board members for the alumni association. Bennett said the board has been operating on an interim basis over the last several years. "Now is the opportunity for people to see what the association can do and become an active part of keeping the dream alive," he said. Anne Johnston is the travel agent that the LMSAA has been working with and said she is impressed with how close a lot of the graduates in the group are to each other and have been for so many years. "This has been a very, very good group of wonderful people. I am excited for them, and they are excited," she said. "A lot of them have cruised before, but there are some that have not." Arthur said she already has her carry-on packed, complete with her initials jotted down on the bag. She said she plans to dance, have a good time and even put on a bathing suit for just one picture. "I have got to make one picture; everybody wants to see a picture. So I'm gonna put that suit on and go sit near the water and let them take one picture," she said. "I'm gonna have a good time; I'm goin' along for the ride." Contact Ashleey Williamson at