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The entrance to the Savannah River Site, a federal nuclear complex near Aiken. Savannah River Remediation is the liquid-waste contractor at the site.

A former Savannah River Remediation employee who a little more than one month ago secured nearly $1.5 million in a discrimination case is now pursuing roughly $1 million more.

Adrienne Saulsberry, an African-American woman, is seeking $55,118 in interest on damages, $203,113 to offset tax implications on a lump sum payment, and more than $700,000 to make up for money she would have made between the time of the federal trial and her predicted 2035 retirement date, an Oct. 25 court filing shows.

Saulsberry was laid off from SRR – the Savannah River Site liquid-waste contractor – in 2013 as part of a broad workforce reduction. Saulsberry said she was "unfairly targeted" because of her race and known plans to move up the job ladder.

"Throughout her employment at SRR, the plaintiff was considered a top performer," Saulsberry's initial court complaint reads. "She received good written and oral evaluations. She trained other individuals at the site."

In late September, a jury, following a five-day trial, unanimously found Saulsberry was not rehired by Savannah River Remediation in 2014 and 2015 because she had previously participated in "protected activity," including a discrimination probe. The jury also unanimously found that one or more SRR management officials "acted with malice or reckless indifference" in regard to retaliation.

Race discrimination was not a factor in the contractor's decision to not hire Saulsberry in 2014 and 2015, the jury found.

Saulsberry filed a charge of discrimination in September 2014. She specifically indicated retaliation. The one-page document was collated for the court.

The federal judgment in favor of Saulsberry was entered Sept. 30 – more than three years after she first lodged the lawsuit against her former employer.

Savannah River Remediation is an AECOM-led team.

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