Temperatures slightly above the freezing point kept local roadways clear of snow and ice Tuesday, but weather forecasters are warning motorists with early morning travel plans to keep an eye out for icy patches. Tuesday's snowfall in some areas, in addition to rainwater freezing on the roadways, may create conditions for black ice, said Joe Farmer, a S.C. Emergency Management Division spokesperson. Black ice forms when the air temperature is warmer than pavement, which causes moisture to rapidly freeze and create a thin, transparent layer of ice on the roadway. Drivers should be careful on their morning commute, especially while driving on bridges and overpasses. Never brake while driving on ice because applying pressure to your brakes while on ice will cause a vehicle to skid, Farmer said. Despite light snow falling on and off throughout the day, there were very few traffic problems on area roadways, said Lt. David Turno, a spokesperson for Aiken Public Safety. The state Department of Transportation said crews had worked throughout the night and into the day Tuesday to keep major highways clear from ice and snow. Workers had distributed thousands of tons of salt, sand and brine and were using several hundred snow plows, sprayers and graders. Most roads in central South Carolina were wet but clear, while some bridges in northern counties were being treated for icy patches, particularly on Interstate 26, officials said. Meteorologists say Aiken County received a "dusting." Forecasters are calling for sunny skies for today and tomorrow, with light clouds moving in later this week Temperatures should climb into the low 40s today. Tonight, expect lows to hover around 20 degrees. On Thursday and Friday temperatures may climb into the low 60s. However, meteorologists are still calling for chilly nighttime temperatures with lows remaining in the 20s. The Associated Press contributed to this article. Contact Karen Daily at kdaily@aikenstandard.com